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  • High Quality Printing (600dpi)

  • Speeds of 60,000 pieces per hour

  • Prints on UV or Aqueous Stocks

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With our state of the art UV Ink-Jet addressing printer, your mailing piece will stand out

Along with savings and fast speeds, our Ink-Jet addressing service will give every piece of your mail a top quality professional look. Your company's image will be enhanced and your customers will be happy, keeping them coming back. We stand behind your name as your success is ultimately our success. Whether a short-run or mailing over 1,000,000 pieces, each piece will carry the presentation of excellence and professional quality.

Addressing Pricing based on Mail Type


The mail piece could be: Postcards, Brochures, Envelopes or even Booklets.


200 - 2,000

2,001 - 5,000

5,001 - 10,000

10,001 - 25,000

25,001 - 50,000








Addressing Pricing includes the services below:

CASS - Certified for Address Correction

Standardize abbreviations and address formats to USPS® guidelines, correct the spelling of streets and cities and verify deliverability, including DPV®, LACSLink® and SuiteLink® processing. Add missing postal data including nine-digit ZIP Code™, eLOT® and carrier route numbers and delivery points.

NCOA - National Change of Address

Our Move Update service can process lists against the full 48-month NCOALink® data provided by USPS in real-time. We update your address lists before the mail is printed and sent, and NCOALink® processing meets USPS® Move Update requirements for First-Class Mail and Standard Mail discount.

Automation - Save money on Postage

Sort address lists for the lowest possible postal rates. Our goal is to be able to give you the highest postage discounts. There's no money to be made here, we charge you exactly what USPS charges us. We submit all paperwork for mailings electronically, to qualify you for even an additional discount.

USPS Dropp off - Delivery

We can present your mailing at our local USPS facility located in Miami, Florida any day of the week. Because of our high volume, our drivers go to USPS Monday through Friday, all year long, as long as USPS is open. You can choose which date you wish your mailing to be presented at no extra cost.

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